Seventeenth of May Diary

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I am aiming to cleanse my body – if I can get my willpower into gear!

I recently sent my tiny old car off to a garage to have it serviced and put through its yearly test to see if it was roadworthy. It passed with flying colours.

Now it is my turn. As I doubt my body would pass a bodily roadworthy test – there are too many of my body parts creaking and moaning for that to happen – I have decided to temporarily give up animal protein, wheat, dairy food, sugar and alcohol to see if this will help.

Gosh, it doesn’t sound like much fun when I see it in print!

I have also decided – and this is the hardest part for me – to reduce the amount of food I eat and replace some food with water and fruit teas.

I used to fast for up to a week when I was younger, but it was pure purgatory every time. I was deliriously hungry from the day I started it until the day I stopped. So this time I’m drinking a lot and eating a little.  

It is the near the end of day 4 today and right now I am not doing too badly. But I must confess that I had some wine last night, and 3 pieces of chocolate – and a boiled egg to quell immense hunger pangs.

I didn’t beat myself up about it this morning (be quiet my throbbing head). It’s a new day, a new dawn and after a handful of pumpkin and sunflower seeds this morning to calm an acute initial hunger I’ve managed to follow a fairly strict diet today without feeling hungry.

What I Eat

Not that I have an exact plan of what to eat. I started off thinking that I should try a raw food diet, but I gave up trying on day 2. To eat nothing but cold food doesn’t do it for me – I need something hot at least once a day.

So far I have started my days with a bowl of soya yogurt with a mix of berries and sunflower, pumpkin, sesame and flax seeds (linseeds) (and my usual multi-vitamin and mineral tablets).

That is apart from yesterday morning when I was so hungry that I ate the leftovers from day 2’s cooked dinner for breakfast.

I try to eat nothing more than an apple and some more seeds mid-day – apart from yesterday when I ate what I normally have for breakfast for lunch. I finish off the day with a mixed salad and a smallish portion of something cooked. So far my cooked meals have included beans, root vegetables and quinoa – which are all healthy and filling.

What I cooked on day 2 (and also ate for breakfast on day 3) was quick to make.

While the quinoa cooked, I baked a sweet potato in the microwave oven. I also gently fried some red onion for 5 minutes and then added some grated ginger, crushed garlic, a good sprinkling of a garam masala spice mix and some salt and pepper. I fried this for a further couple of minutes before I added some rinsed and cooked chickpeas and as soon as they were heated through, I took the pan off the heat.

I scooped out the flesh from the sweet potato and added this to the pan as well. It was really tasty to eat together with the quinoa and a mixed salad.

Onwards and upwards! I’ve still got body parts that are moaning and groaning a bit but I’m actually feeling great (now that I’m not hungry), and I’m full of energy.

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