Conversion Table

To make it easy for everyone to follow my recipes, every recipe on my website now includes metric weight and measures, Imperial and American cup measurements. 

Even though you don't need a conversion table for my recipes, I have included one on my website.

I do advise using electric scales to measure weight as different food has different density. You can buy really good, quite inexpensive electric scales these days.

Metric > American cup measurements

Butter: 110g = 1 stick

225g= 1 cup

Breadcrumbs: 50g fresh breadcrumbs = 1 cup


Grated parmesan: 100g = 1 cup

Cream cheese: 120g = 1 cup

Flour: 140g = 1 cup

Liquids: 225ml = 1 cup

Minced meat: 225g = 1 cup


Almonds ground + other ground nuts: 115g = 1 cup

Almonds, flaked: 100g = 1 cup

Chopped nuts: 120g = 1 cup

Walnuts and pecans: 115g = 1cup


Caster (superfine) sugar: 200g = 1 cup

Moist brown sugar: 170g = 1 cup

Icing sugar: 140g = 1 cup

Converting weight to volume:

400g = 14.1 oz = 1.76 cups


50 ml = 2fl oz

100ml = 3 ½fl oz

150ml = 5fl oz

200ml = 7fl oz

300ml = 10fl oz

500ml = 18fl oz

600ml = 20fl oz = 1 pint

700ml = 1 ¼ pint

850ml = 1 ½ pint

1 litre = 1 ¾ pint

1.2 litre = 2 pints


10g = ¼oz

15g = ½oz

25g = 1oz

50g = 1 ¾oz

75g = 2 ¾oz

100g = 3 ½oz

150g = 5 ½oz

175g = 6oz

200g = 7oz

225g = 8oz

250g = 9oz

275g = 9 ¾oz

300g = 10 ½oz

350g = 12oz

375g = 13oz

400g = 14oz

425g = 15oz

450g = 1lb

500g = 1lb 2oz

700g = 1 ½lb

750g = 1lb 10oz

1kg = 2 ¼lb

1.25kg = 2lb 12oz

1.5kg = 3lb 5oz

2kg = 4 ½lb

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