Tasty And Healthy Snacks

Great Food To Have As A Snack Between Meals

Some nutritionists say that you should only eat three meals per day. The majority though, say that it is a very good idea to have tasty but healthy snacks between meals as it is a good way to keep your weight under control.

We feel hungry when our blood sugar dips. If you reach for a sugary snack such as cakes, biscuits or chocolate your blood sugar will shoot up very quickly only to come crushing down not long afterwards.

Not only are those peaks and dips in your blood sugar really bad for your health, it will make you hungry again very quickly.

The best snacks to stop you from being hungry are those that combine slow-realising carbohydrates with protein-rich food.

Nuts, seeds and chickpeas are all rich in protein, as well as being rich in different nutrients.

Hummus is great as it is made with both chickpeas and sesame seeds. If you combine it with slow-realising carbohydrates in oats, as in sugar-free oatcakes, you have a healthy, tasty and satisfying snack that will keep your hunger at bay.

If you are having fruit as a snack, the best ones to go for are berries, apple, plum or pear as these contain slow-realising carbohydrates. Eat either of them together with a handful of nuts such as almond or walnuts, or pumpkin seeds. All three are rich in protein.

Try not to have fruit that contain a lot of fast-realising carbohydrates as a snack – fruit such as grapes, bananas, mango and all dried fruit. One single date has the same effect on your blood sugar as a whole punnet of strawberries!

Fruit yogurts are also packed with sugar. And it doesn’t matter if it says low-fat on the label, sugar is the enemy. You are much better off having full-fat natural yogurt with some fresh berries.

Those so called energy bars that you can buy might sound like a good idea but they are as full of sugar and about as bad for you as sweets and cakes are.

Tasty and healthy snacks:

  •     Sugar-free oatcakes with hummus or cottage cheese
  •     Vegetable sticks - such as carrots, celery, cucumber or peppers - with hummus or cottage cheese
  •     An apple or pear and 10 almonds or walnuts, or a tablespoon of pumpkin seeds
  •     Coconut, soya or natural full-fat yogurt with berries and some nuts/seeds

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